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Just who is this Velody character anyway?


Velody fronts the Swingvasion Band & Basement Blues collective in Manchester, UK.
Velody is an internationally touring Blues & Swing dancer. She fronts a Blues band & has taught & dj’d Blues extensively across the UK, US & Europe.
Having discovered Swing dancing in spring 2008, she travelled to her first Blues workshop within 3 weeks & still travels to connect with dancers everywhere.
She focuses on connection & bringing out expression & personality in your dancing, whilst respecting the Blues aesthetic. Blues helps your Lindy Hop & increases your repertoire & enjoyment of music & movement in general.
Workshops with Velody are engaging & fun, full of technique without lectures, play with clear boundaries & most of all, you will kick ass afterwards…Guaranteed!

Where Have I Seen Her Teach Before?

Velody has taught Lindy Hop, Balboa or Blues for the following organisations:
North Sea Swing (Rotterdam & The Hague, Holland), Jive Inferno (Wexford, Carlow & Dublin, Ireland), Basement Blues (Manchester, UK), Manchester Lindy, Lindy Hop Sheffield, Kingston Swing (Hull), EdinBop (Edinburgh), Tuesday night spoonful, (Blues, Edinburgh), Livin the Blues (Aberdeen), Ceroc Addiction (Nantwich, UK), Bristol Swing Dance, Bad Penny Blues (Bristol), Glasgow Lindy Hoppers, Exeter Swing, Mersey Swing (Liverpool), Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, Great Northern Blues (Cambridge) & more…

Hasn’t She DJ-ed somewhere I’ve been?

All of the above and…
Aspen Blues Recess (USA), Swing Ann Arbor, (USA), Portland Blues & Jazz Dance (USA), South Bay Fusion (San Francisco), Stockholm Blues (Sweden), Future Sounds of Swing (Leeds), Thank Frankie it’s Friday (Sheffield), Leeds Swing Exchange (Swing & Blues), New Year Swing & Blues (Bristol) & more …

Wait, She DJs, Dances and sings?

That’s right.  You can find out more about Velody here.

Luke Weismann

Luke started dancing in 1996 and hasn’t been more than 100 yards from his dance shoes since.

Luke Weismann Dancing With Elza Zanzibar

There are three things that define Luke’s approach to teaching

1) Creativity can be taught most easily in three steps – Imitate, Assimilate, Create.
2) As a dancer, your main goal is to have the person you’re dancing with now want to dance with you again in the future.
3) Everything physical that you have ever done, even the way that you walk informs how you dance and has prepared you for your next class.

Luke uses his student’s past experience to explain class concepts so we can learn material quickly and fun.

* As a Dancer my goal is to make the person I’m dancing with want to dance with me again and again.

Lucas has taught at such events as:

  • 2011 Vanilla Shake Blues [Denver, CO]
  • 2011 Urban Blues recess [Portland Oregon]
  • 2012 Mile High Blues [Denver, CO]
  • 2012 Lost Valley Blues Recess [Lost Valley, Oregon]
  • 2012 Atomic Fusion Exchange [Albuquerque, New Mexico]
  • 2012 Off-Grid Blues [Missouri]
  • October 2012 Blues Delirium [Paris, France]
  • 2012 Burning River Blues – Blues Anatomy [Cleveland, Ohio]


Luke has been seen teaching  at the following local Denver Venues:

  • The D-Note – Weekly
  • Colorado School of Mines Ballroom Club – Weekly
  • Mercury Café Blues Dancing – Weekly (guest)
  • Hot Night Tango Blues Fusion – Monthly (guest)


Lucas has helped as an organizer or manager at the following events:

  • 2011 Mile High Blues [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2011 Urban Blues Recess [Portland, Oregon]
  • 2011 Lindy on the Rocks [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2011 Lindy Diversion [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2011 Monthly Hot Night Tango Blues Fusion Event [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2012 Rocky Balboa Blowout [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2012 Monthly Hot Night Tango Blues Fusion Event
  • 2012 Mile High Blues [Denver, Colorado]
  • 2012 Lost Valley Blues Recess [Lost Valley, Oregon]
  • 2012 Northwest Blues Recess [Washington State]
  • 2013 Las Vegas Fusion Exchange [Las Vegas, Nevada]


Lucas is also the co-creator of the following workshops:

  • Morning After Workshops – 9/2011, 11/2011, 9/2012, 12/2012
  • Spoonful: A One-Day Blues Workshop – 1/13/2013
  • Doubleshot: A One-Day Intensive Workshop – 1/27/2013

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