Some responses from past students and others I’ve worked with:

Luke Weismann and Nicole Trissell

I would like to thank also Jeannie and Lucas for coming down in vancouver to gives us quality instruction throughout the weekend! – Dominic Boyer, Vancouver, Canada

…you really made me understand! You emphasized the movements beautifully. Lucas, thank you for your experience and the encouragement! – Milla Rap, Victoria, Canada

Thank you for this absolutely great weekend!! I loved the moves we learned and working on the connection and all, but like I said in class, the one thing I take with me the most is the creativity in class and the inspiration that brought! That WHAT we did wasn’t really important, but HOW we did it and that we did something that was our OWN. I miss that in my other dance classes where I sometimes get to busy practicing moves, forgetting the soul of the dance. Thanks again Luke and Fen for the reminder and the inspiration to create my own style – Anna ClaessonMalmö, Sweden

It was really very instructive and fun, and it was nice to notice that I picked things up quite a bit faster than last time. – Gerben Vos, Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Thanks for a great day of classes! You are really skilled trainers! We got challenges at the same time as you let us work in our own pace somehow… well done! – Hans Larsson, Malmö, Sweden

“So what’s class with Lucas Weismann like?”
Tons of fun! But I was totally blown away by how he pulls in the music, the history and the wider context of the movement into the class without compromising on movement time – so not only do you go away a better dancer, you go away smarter and more inspired, because you know what it is that you’re dancing. – Fenella Kennedy, London, UK

The hour flew by, it didn’t feel like it had taken an hour because there was no drag.  There was nice momentum to the whole class.  We went through so much and it didn’t feel overwhelming! – Abi Ashton, Delft, Netherlands

Lucas and Jeannie up in Vancouver? Awesome! I got to witness them teaching at Blues Recess Massive. Together they are full of awesome. – Devon Cooke, Vancouver, Canada

I’ve been a part of the Sacramento blues scene for the past 5 years and had the opportunity to attend classes with many awesome instructors over the years including Justin Riley and Andrew Sutton. I can say with confidence Lucas is likewise an awesome instructor and I highly recommend taking his workshop if you have the time/money, it’s worth the investment. – Manny “Man Man” Garcha, Sacramento, CA

I have never seen a dancer dance as much like the music as [Luke]. That’s when I decided screw it, I want to learn from this guy. – Ben Siems, Minneapolis, MN

Dude, every hour I’ve worked with you, I’ve had an ‘aha’ moment! – Theis Eggeberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Luke has a warmth and humour to him which, coupled with his expertise and love of dance, brings out the very best in his students. I look forward to collaborating with him during his tour in Europe Spring/Summer 2013. Velody, Manchester, UK

Luke and Whitton Frank at Mile High Blues 2010

I really loved the amazing confident-zen-totally relaxed way the blues was taught – Flore Fiore, Netherlands

Interesting and different insights, cohesive classes with a strong narrative & a solid overall aim. – Craig, Scotland

Thanks for the patience and insights into blues dancing. I hope to continue dancing this magical dance and to meet you soon in the future… – Finn, Netherlands

I really like [Luke’s] clean, smooth, and non-flashy style. He can do awesome things but they’re planned at the right time to the music instead of randomly. I also really appreciated the open atmosphere to changing the lesson around what the students wanted to learn.
– Mitchell Tilley, Golden, CO

Luke can take a lead with only a few moves and in one class teach him how to keep his dancing fresh every song. He’s also great at showing students how to blend their lindy hop into blues and fusion dances. His are challenging but accessible. – Amber KingeryGolden, CO

I would say that it was a very fun and light hearted experience where I was able to greatly improve my technical and physical abilities as a dancer. My favorite part of the class was the emphasis on micro blues, I feel that the micro blues is what allowed me to really open my eyes to what I needed to do to become a better follow. I also loved the way you explained things, it was very clear and precise for a kinesthetic learner like myself. – Alanna MottesheardGolden, CO

You hit the levels of everyone present, and it was a diverse crowd. The Boulder Blues Club had a blast. – Lewis Cox


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  1. Luke’s two-day fusion workshop was simply brilliant.

    He skillfully presented a progression of dance elements, including posture, connection, creativity, practice, and style, that made it easy for both beginning and experienced dancers to explore the fundamentals of moving together with great enjoyment. He invited us to dance and partner not just with our bodies, but with our imaginations. It was incredibly fun and freeing.

    This workshop would be fantastic for any dance community–or any community at all–seeking the joy of connecting with immediacy, playfulness and soul.

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