Luke and Velody 2013 Spring Tour

POST TOUR UPDATE:  Thank you everyone overseas who made the past five months so much fun.  Velody, Megan, Marijn, Nadja, Daire, Gabi, Sofie, Jolanda, Jolanda, Vivien, Theis and too many others to count.  It was fantastic getting to spend the time working with you one the dance and also getting the time to explore so many places I’ve wanted to visit, but hadn’t yet gotten to experience.

This fall I’ll be coming back to Scandinavia, Switzerland and some other places for more in-depth dance experiences and I can’t wait to see you all again!





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What’s Happening:

This spring I’ll be touring Europe to teach dance in various local scenes and will be teaching with the incomparable Velody (Just Velody).


How this Came About:

Last year while on a last-minute teaching assignment at Off-Grid Blues, I met this wonderfully crazy, dancer with a great voice who was on a year pilgrimage around the US for dancing.  We hit it off and it turns out we have a similar sense of music (being musicians ourselves) and a similar dance history.  A short time later she returned home to the UK and I went to teach in Paris for a weekend at the inaugural Blues Delirium.

Luke at Jamie Aebersold Jazz Camp

During the inevitable Skype conversations that ensued, it became apparent
that neither of us would be satisfied unless we took the time to teach and travel together and do some serious dancing in that time.

That’s the genesis of this project.

Velody has a great way of dealing with people and putting them at their ease; at the same time, she is a technician who knows here stuff.  Add the fact that she’s a musician who is great to have a meal with after the event is over and it becomes clear why I couldn’t stay away when the opportunity presented itself.

If you’re an organizer who wants to book us for one of our remaining available dates, a dancer who wants private lessons or just want to be kept apprised of our adventures as they progress please fill out the form below:

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