Blues Starter Kit: Chicago

Blues Starter Kit — Sunday 12-5pm

Luke and Ruby Dancing in Zurich at Blossom Blues 2013This workshop is for those who are new to Blues Dance. If you’ve taken less than six months of regular Blues classes or been to fewer than three weekend workshops, this session is for you. If you have a background in Lindy or Tango and want a solid base in Blues and Blues aesthetic, this workshop is also for you.



Pulse, Posture, & Blues Movement -With a strong focus on solo movement, rhythm and groove, we’ll get you feeling the blues by introducing some essential blues and jazz moves that you’ll use for the rest of your dance life. We’ll use some fun exercises to develop your visual learning skills as well as visual partnering.

Get Connected – Did you know there are four modes of connection in Blues? You have options and we’re going to show you how to use them all.


Momentum and Movement – Use the floor. Take your partner on a journey. Go on an adventure. Learn how to create partnered momentum that leads you down new avenues. We’ll explore various ways to travel and start exploring all the doors to creativity that opens. 

Turn, Turn, Turn – Learn how to lead and follow turns effortlessly and safely. We’ll cover the basic techniques needed to create rotation in your partner, as well as ways to add style and flair. We’ll finish the class with a few fine finishing moves so that you’ll be ready for a night of dancing.


Dance Center Chicago – Studio 3
3868 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

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