While Luke is capable of teaching classes on his own, he believes that there is something unique that can be offered in each partnership and likes to teach with different people to give a different perspective and flavor to each of his classes.

Current and Regular Partners

Ruby Red

Nicole Trissell

Lessa Lamb

Velody (Just Velody)

Megan McDonald

Past One-Time and Irregular Partners

Karen Gilmore – Vanilla Shake Blues, Urban Blues Recess, Atomic Blues Recess, Colorado School of Mines 2010-11

Seravin Behnken – OM Fusion

Elza Zanzibar – 2012 Oct Blues Delirium

Mark Carpenter – Shades of Blues

Ryan Johnson – South Bay Fusion

Katie Reid – Weekly Classes at Colorado School of Mines, 2012

Angie Huang – Firehouse 5

Ted Maddry – 2012 Off-Grid Blues, 2013 Livin’ The Blues

Justin Riley – 2012 Off-Grid Blues, 2013 Livin’ The Blues

Jennifer Sowden – 2012 Off-Grid Blues

Benji Mann – 2012 Off-Grid Blues

Andrew Smith – 2012 Off Grid Blues